About Us

In an attempt to add more accessible and quality Continuing Education seminars for Mental Health Practitioners, I founded the Behavioral Health Learning Collaborative. I want to provide a space to learn, build on existing knowledge and to connect clinicians across the area. Working in the mental health field can sometimes feel isolating and I hope to break down those silos by providing interesting and diverse seminars. 

In addition to the CE seminars, I provide organizational and clinical consultation. As a consultant, I review existing systems, policies and protocols, while supporting staff and members of management. 

BHLC is an approval organization for LABSWE and can review and approve CEU requests typically within a week of submission.

Why bees?

I am quite a fan of symbolism.


Historically, bees have been known as hard workers and community-focused. In my experience that can also be said for Social Workers and Counselors. Bees are beneficial to nature and the environment-- just as mental health professionals are beneficial for society and the well being of others. Bees are also quite efficient and use the most space-efficient shape found in nature: the hexagon. Anyone working in behavioral health has experienced the need for efficiency and savings at least once in their career! So who better to represent us than the bee and its hive? 

Altruistically, I hope that by using the bee it will keep the focus on the need to save them from extinction! Just as in systems theory, every change in our environment will affect us. Save the bees!

Owner and Operator: Dr. Katherine Godshall, LCSW-BACS